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Gift Voucher - Learn to Study

Download Stickers 4.75 in. x 4.75 in. This is a full sized album cover in sticker form with a crack and peel back where the individual download codes are printed. $5.99 inc postage and packing (Price includes VAT in qualifying countries)

Gift Voucher - Learn to Study

Learn to Study for Success at College and University

In listening to this recording, you are going to learn how to manage your own learning, and how to get down to studying. You’ll receive practical tips on motivation, managing your study time, learning from lectures, listening and note-taking skills, improving your reading and summarizing skills, focusing effectively and improving your concentration. You’ll be helped to remember and understand what you learn and you will be given practical tips on how to evaluate what you learn and think critically. You are also going to receive tips on planning and writing essays and papers, and finally you are going to be taught exam skills to help you to do your best when it matters most.

Learn to Study Gift Voucher