Audiobook: Talk, fight or RUN – Take control of your own personal safety in a violent world


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Written and narrated by Alan MacQuarrie

"Probably the best audio learning resource available today for lone workers and the general public"

Be a survivor NOT a statistic! Alan MacQuarrie is a world leading specialist on personal safety. He has spent a lifetime protecting people from predators and angry people and during this time has encountered both the best and worst of people. One of Alan’s main goals in life has always been to keep the good guy safe.

In this audiobook Alan will teach you a very particular set of skills to help you manage your own personal safety in a violent world, including: The difference between apathy and paranoia; a healthy awareness to stop you walking into danger; an awareness of predatory attack rituals; and what you need to know about angry people.

Alan will teach you to tell the time; the time to talk, fight or RUN!

Track Index 1. Introduction and Brain, mouth and body 2. Apathy or Paranoia 3. Control be a survivor not a statistic 4. Policies principles to guide your actions 5. Visualisation 6. Awareness not walking into danger 7. Stages of awareness Coopers colour code 8. Control your personal space 9. Who would want to harm me? 10. Predators seek victims not opponents 11. What can I do? 12. Predatory attack rituals 13. Hoping for the best is not an action plan 14. Multiple attackers 15. Personal safety in your vehicle 16. The Law and personal protection 17. The Fear factor

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