This will be a series of short audio presentations with the over-arching theme of short, practical thoughts and reflections on meeting the challenges of daily life - based on guidance from scripture. Each separate audio experience will be priced at $3.99. 

The series will include such topics as: Dealing with Depression; Having Abundance; In time of Bereavement; Recovering from Trauma; Knowing Hope; Having Joy and Happiness; Forgiving Others; Meaning and Purpose at Work; Family Relationships; Finding the Job you love; Loving Yourself; Loving Others; Personal Leadership; Managing Money; Giving and Receiving; Enjoying Retirement; Less is More. 
Each audio experience will include a thoughtful prayer or blessing; contemplation or reflection and guidance for going forward. 

There are powerful messages in the Bible.

The message will appeal to all Christian denominations and will avoid any narrow or dogmatic interpretations.