Our Vision

Change your Thoughts, Change your World

Our Mission 

To bring meaningful, high quality, helpful information to your mind. To achieve this we will produce the finest quality spoken word people development learning resources, made to the highest standards in the finest recording studios, for people who seek an unforgettable and superior audiobook learning experience. 

Our values 

Commitment to the production of high quality learning resources as audiobooks, bringing words to Life, and building respect, dignity, fairness, equality, and self-esteem. 

 In our audio learning experiences we hope to move beyond entertainment to touch the listener, to move them, to help them reflect on their lives and potential and to bring to them; hope and enlightenment.

Our authors are inspired and knowledgeable: Our narrators passionate about their craft: Our producers dedicated to the truth of sound: Our music composers selected for their truely artistic honesty.

Mindcool is a member of the Audio Publishers Association

Mindcool is a member of the Audio Publishers Association