Our Vision

Change your Thoughts, Change your World

Our Mission 

To bring meaningful, high quality, helpful information to your mind. To achieve this we will produce the finest quality spoken word people development learning resources, made to the highest standards in the finest recording studios, for people who seek an unforgettable and superior audiobook learning experience. 

Our values 

Commitment to the production of high quality learning resources as audiobooks, bringing words to Life, and building respect, dignity, fairness, equality, and self-esteem. 

Mindcool is an International People Development Publisher providing high quality learning resources as audiobooks for download globally through our international distribution partners in Europe, the US, Canada, the Indian Subcontinent, the Middle East, South-east Asia, and Russia. Mindcool Learning Resources are of the highest standard both in terms of recording quality and the experience and qualifications of the contributors. Our current subjects range from relaxation, meditation, and concentration, to study, success, and effective instruction on the mental game of Golf.

Mindcool is a member of the Audio Publishers Association

Mindcool is a member of the Audio Publishers Association