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Every day, golfers experience frustration, anger and embarrassment on the course as a result of the missed opportunities, mistakes and other misfortunes that they encounter on the course. For example, on any given hole, you could miss-hit a tee shot, find a bad lie in the rough, or miss a short putt – getting one bad break after another and saying “poor me, it’s just not my day!” If you’ve had similar experiences, then here’s a simple question. Do you currently have any practical techniques for responding to mistakes and setbacks in golf? If not, how can you expect to play well? Remember - it’s not what happens to you on the course that matters, it’s how you react to it that counts.

There are 10 audio recordings in this series including: Concentration, course management, developing mental toughness, enjoying your golf, first tee nerves, handling mistakes and setbacks, increasing your confidence, performing under pressure, pre-shot routines, and putting well.