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From the best-selling audiobook Meditation with Your Angels and Archangels, these two guided visualizations led by Virginia Harton will bring you closer to the Archangels Gabriel and Chamuel.

Archangel Gabriel is the archangel of creativity and communication. He can help anyone whose life purpose involves the arts and communication helping you to express yourself in an open and authentic way. I believe that every human being is unique and expresses themselves in their own different way. Gabriel can open your throat chakra to help you speak your own truth and he can open your creative chakra to let your unique creative juices flow and tap into the universal flow of energy that permeates the universe. You can invoke his creative energy on a daily basis by just asking his energy to be with you and guide you in whatever situation you need his help and guidance with. The intention of this guided visualization is that you will connect with Gabriel and his healing energy, which will help you release any blocks to authentic communication and creativity.

Archangel Chamuel is the archangel of love and compassion. He can help you to find forgiveness, compassion and love for yourself and others by helping you dissolve any negative emotions and conditioned thought patterns that stop you from moving forward in life. He balances you emotionally and mentally, opening you up to unconditional love and acceptance of yourself and others. You can invoke his loving energy on a daily basis by just asking him to be with you and help you with any issues related to emotional states for e.g. anger, guilt, and judgement etc.

He can help you to develop a healthy self-esteem and be more confident in yourself in different areas of your life. The intention of this guided visualization is that you will invoke and connect with the energy of Archangel Chamuel. He will help you to open your heart to unconditional love for yourself, balance your emotions, and help you to release whatever has been stopping you from feeling self-love.